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New 2015 2016 Toyota Fortuner Thailand New and Used

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Safety

Designed with customers well-being in mind, the All New 2016 Toyota Fortuner is equipped with effective active and passive safety systems like the ABS, GOA body, dual SRS airbags and head impact protection.

Toyota Fortuner comes with a plethora of Safety features including ABS + EBD, Brake Assist, Vehicle Stability Control, Traction control, Hill-start assist, downhill assist control and 7 airbags (including a driver knee airbag).

Toyota has also implemented its new safety system Toyota Safety Sense in Toyota Fortuner. Toyota Safety Sense includes three Active Safety technologies: Automatic High-Beam, Lane Departure Alert and Pre-Collision System.

Toyota Fortuner comes with ABS, EBD, BA and VSC

toyota-abs-ebd-ba-vscToyota Fortuner comes with ABS, EBD, BA and VSC
In addition to Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ had some great safety technologies as Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA). All of these have been brought over in more advanced guises. Toyota Fortuner also includes autonomous emergency braking system (AEB).

Safety features includes rear-view parking camera, traction and stability control and front, side, head and driver-side knee airbags.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


Toyota Fortuner ABS

The ABS in Toyota Fortuner 2016 model prevents the wheels from locking and stabilises braking performance even on slippery roads.

Toyota HiLux Revo ABS is ahead of its competition. Toyota world class Anti-skid Braking System is part of its Active Braking with intelligence (AB-i) safety technology and comes as standard across all HiLux models.

toyota-antilock-braking-systemThe system uses a combination of modern electronics and a hydraulic actuator to monitor the wheels during braking. If the system detects that the wheels are beginning to lock, it automatically adjusts braking pressure to free the lock up. To help assist the driver retain control of steering during hard braking or an emergency stop, helping to avoid accidents.

The ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) monitors the speed of each wheel to detect locking. When it detects sudden braking, it will release braking pressure for a moment and then provide optimum braking pressure to each wheel. By repeating this process in a short period of time, it enhances steering control during sudden stops. As a result, it will also help improve the ability of stopping the vehicle.

ABS is another reason for HiLux’s legendary un-breakability – even though you can’t rely on the weather, or the driver in front of you, this is a vehicle you can depend on. Book your Toyota Hilux Revo now and stay safe.

Toyota Fortuner Brake Assist

toyota-hilux-brake-assisttoyota-hilux-brake-assist-brake-control-breakdowntoyota-hilux-brake-assist-emergency-stopping-distanceStudies show that nearly half of all drivers do not step on the brake quickly and strongly enough to stop the vehicle in case of an emergency.

When Brake Assist detects an attempted panic stop, it supports drivers by strengthening the power.

Brake Assist will detect attempted panic braking based on the force that is applied to the brake pedal and how fast the driver is stepping on the pedal. When the system recognizes sudden braking, it will add additional pressure to the brake.

When your foot is released during Braking Assist,braking power lessens and regulates the brakes with ease.

Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) Body

2016 Toyota Fortuner GOA Body

2016 Toyota Fortuner GOA Body

The impact-absorbing GOA body structure is constructed using high-tensile steel sheets – specially designed to disperse impact energy, thus reducing injury to occupants.

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Toyota Fortuner comes with Autonomous Emergency Braking which supplements ABS and brake-assist to give another level of braking protection during emergencies.
automatic_brakingMany accidents are caused by late braking and/or braking with insufficient force. A driver may brake too late for several reasons: he is distracted or inattentive; visibility is poor, for instance when driving towards a low sun; or a situation may be very difficult to predict because the driver ahead is braking unexpectedly or a pedestrian crosses the street without paying attention. Most people are not used to dealing with such critical situations and do not apply enough braking force to avoid a crash or do not brake at all because there is not sufficient time to react.

Several manufacturers have developed technologies which can help the driver to avoid these kinds of accidents or, at least, to reduce their severity. The systems they have developed can be grouped under the title:

Autonomous: the system acts independently of the driver to avoid or mitigate the accident.

Emergency: the system will intervene only in a critical situation.

Braking: the system tries to avoid the accident by applying the brakes.

AEB systems improve safety in two ways: firstly, they help to avoid accidents by identifying critical situations early and warning the driver; and secondly they reduce the severity of crashes which cannot be avoided by lowering the speed of collision and, in some cases, by preparing the vehicle and restraint systems for impact.

Traction Control in Toyota Fortuner

hilux-traction-controlWhen you are starting your Toyota Fortuner or accelerating on a wet surface, you could lose control of the wheel because of wheel spin. TRC will help prevent such events from happening.

TRC continually monitors the condition between the tires and the surface of the road.

When it detects wheel spin, the system applies brakes or slows down the engine to regulate spinning and help ensure proper contact of tires. This help prevent the car from becoming unstable.

There might be the cases in which the half-side of the wheel runs off or the wheels spin off on the snowy road. And also there might be the case that the current tractino control might not be working well.
In those cases, Auto LSD is one of the technologies which both improve startability and runability.

Mutliple SRS Airbags

2016 Toyota Fortuner SRS Airbag

2016 Toyota Fortuner SRS Airbag

Lessens impact to the driver’s and front passenger’s head and chest in the event of a frontal collision.

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

Fortuner comes with VSC which helps prevent wheels from slipping sideways when cornering or sudden steering.

VSC is a system that helps prevent side skids and help stabilize the vehicle while turning on a curve. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) report, vehicles equipped with VSC compared to those without can effectively reduce single-vehicle accidents by 35% for automobiles and 67% for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV).

When the vehicle senses a loss of traction or a slip, braking is automatically applied to all 4 individual wheels and engine power is reduced to help secure the safety of the vehicle. For example, if the steering wheel refuses to turn from over-speeding (under-steering), the vehicle will take control to steer toward the inner curve. Also, when the vehicle begins to spin from abrupt steering handling (over-steering), the vehicle will take control to steer toward the outer curve.

*VSC is designed to help the driver maintain vehicle control, and it is not a substitute for safe driving practices. Also, the system will not be able to surpass the performance of the quality of the tires.

Jam Protection Window (Driver’s Side)

Toyota Fortuner Drive door anti jam

Toyota Fortuner Drive door anti jam

The Jam Protection sensor automatically lowers the window when an object is detected.

Collapsible Steering Column

Fortuner Steering Column

Fortuner Steering Column

In the event of an accident, the steering wheel column collapses out of harm’s way without posing a threat to the driver.

Head Impact Protection

2016 Fortuner Head Impact Protection

2016 Fortuner Head Impact Protection

A collapsible, force-absorbing material is built into the pillars in order to absorb the impact on occupants’ heads during a collision.

Parking sensors

Toyota Fortuner comes with Parking Sensors and rear camera

Toyota Fortuner comes with Parking Sensors and rear camera

Front and rear parking sensors alert you of any obstacles within your vehicle’s path.

Toyota Vehicle Security System

The Fortuner’s security system comprises an immobiliser with backup battery, siren, cabin sensor, tilt sensor and integrated remote control key. It also features a door ajar warning.

Toyota Fortuner Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)/ Downhill-Assist Control (DAC)


Fortuner without Hill Assist Control HAC


Fortuner with Hill Assist Control HAC


Fortuner without Downhill Assist Contro


Fortuner with Downhill Assist Contro

This technology supports Fortuner drivers on steep hills and descending slopes. HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) supports drivers on steep hills, while DAC (Downhill Assist Control) supports drivers when descending slopes.

There may be unexpected cases for the driver where the vehicles may slide when starting on sudden hills or slippery surfaces. HAC minimizes vehicle roll-back by controlling brake fluid pressure as the driver’s foot is removed from the brake to the accelerator on such steep incline.
Furthermore, DAC maintains vehicle speed at 5km/h to help ensure vehicle stability when descending sharp slopes or slippery surfaces.

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